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This is a Dashboard project that contains all Microsoft based reports, custom built reports, modified reports and the TSQL setup (where I implemented hot fixes) needed for SQL Server Performance Dashboards as written by myself on

All the reports are interconnected to each other so you have the ability to view your SQL Servers from 1 report server.

The aim is to have a free central monitoring solution of your SQL Server estate driven from CMS and presented to you via SSRS.


Please read the documentation section for further guidance.

What is getting monitored?

  • CPU
  • SQL Server Memory stats
    • PLE
    • Buffer cache ratio
    • Server Memory
    • Buffer pool settings
  • Active user sessions
  • Active Trace information
  • General database information (Data File sizes, Log File sizes, Recovery Models etc)
  • Historical wait stats
  • Historical Data file IO
  • Expensive queries
    • By CPU
    • By duration
    • By logical reads
    • By physical reads
    • By logical writes
    • CLR
  • Query plan stats
    • When Plan cached
    • Showplan XML
    • Number of executions
    • Last execution times
  • Blocking information

Your main list of SQL Servers will be presented to you - Click and go.




History of Past versions

AUG 2015 Alpha version - Initial development using core reports from Microsoft.

OCT 2015 Beta Version - CPU SSRS rendering fixed and arithmetic overflow issues fixed.

DEC 2015 Charlie Version - Check Dependencies SP contained errors - now fixed.

JAN 2016 Delta version - Now Supports SQL 2012+ memory stats.

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